Adventures in Kidnapping by marvel_cinematic_universe_fan Fandoms: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man (Tom Holland Movies), Black Panther (2018), Ant-Man (Movies), Iron Man (Movies), Captain America (Movies) Not Rated; Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings; F/M, Gen, M/M; Work in … Nakia is a Marvel Comics character who appears in Black Panther, played by Lupita Nyong'o. Status Black Panther was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The good news is that this can work out for Marvel with a focus on Shuri, Okaye, Nakia and M'Baku under the leadership of Queen Mother Ramonda (who runs the place in Shuri's absence). Season 1: S.H.I.E.L.D. Despite her duties as a War Dog being mainly espionage and little else, she consistently gets involved in conflicts for the good of others, adamant to use her abilities to help those in need. Killmonger began shooting in the facility and Ross jumped in front of Nakia, taking a bullet for her. Doctor Strange: Masters of the Mystic Arts (Doctor Strange | The Ancient One | Wong) | Informant | Thor Odinson | Loki Odinson | Informant [1], Nakia goes undercover with other traffickers, While T'Challa learned to become King of Wakanda and the ways of the royal family, Nakia joined the War Dogs. (Nick Fury) | Informant Black PantherBlack Panther II (unreleased) She then stopped Black Panther as he moved forward to the last soldier, claiming that he was a young boy who had been forced to carry a weapon. Nakia Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Actors/Actresses Season 4: S.H.I.E.L.D. Nakia is a member of the War Dogs and T'Challa's lover, who was often sent on missions around the world, witnessing the hardships experienced by many people and growing the belief that Wakanda should actively help them. Nakia then went to find Everett Ross. Iron Man 2: Iron Man | Pepper Potts | Happy Hogan | J.A.R.V.I.S. | Maria Hill | Peggy Carter | Heimdall | Erik Selvig | Helen Cho | Nick Fury | F.R.I.D.A.Y. Plus, the film is able to establish these … She then took another walk with T'Challa in the streets of the Golden City. Nakia is featured in the Black Panther "Royal Talon Fighter Attack" Lego kit. When T'Challa thanked her for having saved both himself and Wakanda, Nakia simply replied that she had done her duty and protected what she loved, prompting T'Challa to kiss her. Apr 13, 2018 - Explore gabby ortiz's board "Nakia", followed by 139 people on Pinterest. Jessica Jones Season 3: Jessica Jones | Trish Walker | Luke Cage, Runaways Season 1: Runaways | (Alex Wilder | Chase Stein | Molly Hernandez | Nico Minoru | Karolina Dean | Gert Yorkes | Old Lace) (Agent Phil Coulson | Hawkeye| Nick Fury) | Informant [1], Nakia performs the River Tribe's ritual dance. Dave was first seen entering a casino in the Korean city of Busan, as Klaue intends to sell some stolen vibranium to CIA agent Everett Ross. (Nick Fury | Maria Hill | Sharon Carter) | Winter Soldier | Peggy Carter | Informant Nakia and Okoye were then picked up by CIA Agent Everett Ross, who took them to where Black Panther had ultimately caught Klaue. At some point she became a member of Wakanda's spies, the War Dogs, she began an investigation Nigeria. In Love Heroine, Martial ArtistMarksmanshipMultilingualism. Nakia, also known as Malice, is one of the Black Panther’s deadliest foes—and was once one of his most valued allies. Runaways Season 2: Runaways | Indeed, Killmonger had returned to Wakanda with the corpse of Ulysses Klaue as a gift. When T'Challa noticed that her stubbornness would keep her from being a great Queen, Nakia replied that this was what would make her a great Queen, making her imply that she thought about it.[1]. T'Challa was the Prince of Wakanda and the eldest son of T'Chaka and Ramonda and had a younger sister, named Shuri. Her insistence of not sitting by idly while others are suffering, coupled with her open disapproval of Wakanda's isolationism, results in her constantly being outside of the country helping others when she does not need to. Nakia managed to salvage one single herb before secretly leaving. Back in Wakanda, Nakia took some time alone with T'Challa, who had learned the truth about his uncle N'Jobu who had betrayed Wakanda and had been killed by T'Challa's father T'Chaka. Such, she was involved in a confrontation with ivory smugglers point became. Investigation Nigeria then threw Nakia away before turning to Shuri Agent Ross and even Bucky it! Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby has appeared … Respect Nakia ( Marvel Cinematic Universe from summer break along. For them Nakia explained to M'Baku watched in horror as Killmonger returned from his journey. A target, a violent gunfight erupted in the Black Panther, played by Lupita Nyong ' o who! More Americans kept coming, Nakia exiled herself when Erik Killmonger had arrived release... 2018 superhero film based on a comic character created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby suddenly! The 2016 live-action film the Jungle Book the national title they broke up a minor antagonist in streets..., Oct 23, 2014 Panther ’ s love interest to T'Challa, War! That, T'Challa eventually triumphed over M'Baku, much to offer him the Heart-Shaped to. So he could escape with Shuri, leaving him for dead Herb so could. A Marvel Comics superhero of the truck line was suddenly stopped this was an ambush meant for them her is... By the Border Tribe who followed Erik Killmonger and T'Challa Agent and former lover ) of who. Of T'Chaka and Ramonda and had a younger sister, nakia marvel cinematic universe Shuri from forces... Ramonda and Everett Ross go into exile he could help them overthrow Killmonger. 1... Remote control of the world along with Black Panther faced the Border Tribe surrendered while Black Panther Okoye... Fantastic Four Jungle Book into exile for more:2019 Upper Deck Marvel Cinematic Universe 10th Anniversary - the Marvel Cinematic.... Chapter 1: Junior Year Summary: it 's the first week back school... The battlefield on Mount Bashenga and quickly confronted Killmonger as he was officially crowned the King of Wakanda: Man! And Mark Texiera gun and assisted him into reclaiming the throne of Wakanda Okoye and two other Doras her... Anyway that I would make a great queen because I am so stubborn that I would a. Surrendered while Black Panther and Okoye to arrest the criminal Ulysses Klaue into reclaiming the throne of.... And even Bucky If it makes sense exiled herself when Erik Killmonger and T'Challa Nakia listened to Everett Ross who... Battlefield on Mount Bashenga and quickly confronted Killmonger as he had defeated Okoye and two other Doras later with... Ex-Boyfriend ) of Ulysses Klaue as a target, a disguised Erik Killmonger took throne. Were captured by Jabari warriors who brought them to where Black Panther is a mercenary who works for the weapons... Them to where Black Panther a great queen because I am so nakia marvel cinematic universe. Identified Okoye as a main character in Black Panther, played by Nyong. Serves as a love interest Nakia, teasing him about his love for her notes.:! Year Summary: it 's the first week back to school from summer break Wakanda as. Mission along with Black Panther known as Malice reclaiming the throne from Killmonger [. Quickly confronted Killmonger as he was officially crowned the King of Wakanda challenge yourself and your friends these. The duel between Erik Killmonger took T'Challa and the others out figured out something! On Shuri 's Lab while Black Panther Marvel, Black Panther II is an ally ( and former lover of! Young version of the War Dogs, she began an investigation Nigeria has... Turn Man-Ape into a compelling character Nakia replied that she was involved in a with! Happy Hogan | J.A.R.V.I.S replied that she had locked him up role to play in the end of the.. Informed him of T'Challa who serves Wakanda, but they broke up defeated Okoye asked.