Rex, Skywalker and Tano all participated on a mission on an unnamed planet, where Rex oversaw the construction of several heavy cannons. [36] He discovered a message from General Grievous, who stated that the Republic would soon be finished. [34] Rex was placed in charge of the Resolute on the mission, as Admiral Yularen was recovering from their mission against the Malevolence. After the battle, Alpha-17, an ARC Captain, began an ARC training program, where he trained Rex, Cody, Odd Ball, Appo, Bacara, Neyo, Gree, Bly and many more. [38] Soon after finding refuge, Separatists arrived to take the land for themselves, being willing to kill any creature in their way. Introduced in The Clone Wars animated film and featured throughout the television series of the same name, Captain Rex, designation number CT-7567,[a] is the commanding officer of Torrent Company within the 501st Legion under the command of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Padawan Commander Ahsoka Tano. To differentiate the characters, Baker considered the personality traits of every clone, choosing one or two adjectives for each, and recorded each character separately. The captain then put his men on standby and had them begin preparations for the imminent battle. Initial development for The Clone Wars film chose Alpha-17, featured in the Star Wars: Republic comic, to be the principal clone trooper character. They accidentally activated the droids inside the pod, revealing them to commando droids. [20], In the early days of the Clone Wars, Rex served as the second in command of the 501st Legion, being deployed to several early battles such as the incident on Tibrin. He inspected it to discover a small probe was insider, which resulted in it jumping out and attacking the two. [37] However, they were not able to keep from crashing on Maridun. After the war entered it's second year,[57] the Jedi Order learned of the capture of Jedi General Eeth Koth, which also resulted in the deaths of several Horn Company troopers, Skywalker, Kenobi and Jedi General Adi Gallia volunteered to go rescue their friend. [30], Rex and Cody speaking to Fives, Echo and Hevy, The two officers then went to inspect the outpost on the Rishi Moon. Tano helped Rex and Denal infiltrate the base by cutting a way with her lightsaber and Denal created a massive short circuit in the superweapon's mainframe computer, which created a chain reaction, thus destroying the weapon.[36]. After rescuing everyone from the ship, most of the Tano, Secura, Bly and the three remaining troopers went on a scouting mission, while Rex stayed with the ship and Skywalker. Skywalker jumped into his starfighter and rescued R2 at the last possible second.[31]. Cody found a droid in the field that was crucial to the victory, which led to a Republic victory.[67]. [46] However, before they took it over, Rex ordered Denal and Koho to go assist the General and Commander. The exact location of the shipyards was unknown the job of finding out was given to Skywalker, Kenobi, and Rex. Rex accused him of being a coward and a deserter. The two were then attacked, which forced them off of the platform. Rex was dispatched to the main Separatist base on Orto Plutonia, where the superweapon was being made. Rex and Coric were among those who made full recoveries, though the Kaminoans did not have as much success with some of the other troopers. While scouting, Rex was shot in the chest by a commando droid equipped with a sniper rifle.[59]. [70] Rex also helped make up a majority of the Imperial codes. shipping: + AU $39.20 shipping . Their next deployment came within a few days, a day after the Separatists launched a devastating bioweapon attack on the planet Chandrila. Fond of using two blaster pistols at the same time, Rex customized his armor with distinctive blue markings. Please read the following material with awareness of possible misinformation and old info. After that, Redeye turned around and was impaled by a Separatist assassin probe and carried away. The Dugs and clones sprinted for their lives, while troopers within the All Terrain Tactical Enforcers fell into the crater as they could not escape in time. Kenobi radioed to Rex, asking if he was still with them, which he informed him that he "missed the party". While on his mission, Rex and his detachment discovered that the Geonosians had not built just one, but several foundries. RexterOld Geezer (Old age)Gramps (Old age), Rex, or CT-7567, was a clone trooper captain and later commander during the Clone Wars. The Resolute was one of the ships that attacked the Malevolence, and played a large role in its destruction. Rex later joined the rebels. [60], Skywalker fought the droid off until it tossed two crates at him, knocking him off balance. [10] To aid with the vocal performance, Baker and supervising director Dave Filoni developed a "clone triangle" that arranged the characters by personality. [59], Cut invited Rex in for dinner, where they would hold a deep conversation about duty. [31] However, Rex convinces Wolffe the rebels can be trusted and repels the Empire, in turn earning Kanan's trust. [20] He is described as gruff, no-nonsense[68] and tough as carbonite nails. While Slick and the remainder of the platoon went to eat, rest, and receive medical treatment, Kenobi, Skywalker, Rex and Cody discussed what went wrong, eventually discovering a traitor in their midst. He also checked in with his troopers, through their private comlink in their helmets, pitied the Altisians. [59], The next morning, Rex borrowed an Eopie, gathered his armor and put it on. While there, however, they discovered Separatist battle droids and a tactical droid who wanted to recreate a final battle of the Clone Wars. After the Battle of Christophsis, Skywalker and Tano were assigned to save Rotta the huttlet who was the son of Jabba Desilijic Tiure also a Hutt. After activating the factory's self-destruction program, Denal left onboard a LAAT/i. [44] The Jedi remained with the clones, until Skywalker and Tano returned with Amidala. ItemName: Lego Captain Rex (Pauldron Cloth), ItemType: Minifig, ItemNo: sw0450, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. CT-7567, nicknamed Rex, was a Clone Trooper Captain(later commander) in the Grand Army of the Republic. Shortly before the battle to come, the 41st Elite Corps arrived on planet, where Unduli and Commander Barris Offee joined with Skywalker and Tano. Gungans! [64], At the time of the assault, the sun began to set, which led to Rex activating the floodlights of the LAAT's to be positioned around the village square for additional lighting. Similarly, the scouting unit encountered the creatures too, but they took casualties - Cameron, Lucky and Flash. However, Skywalker, Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Jedi General Plo Koon returned to the battle, rescuing their men. [20] Rex and Cody bonded while training, becoming great friends. Windu and Kenobi fought and defeated Dooku, but he managed to retreat. [56] Rex eventually got back in contact with her and they were able to warn Kit Fisto, who was ready to receive the supplies. 1 Equipment 2 Clone Wars Prelude 3 Star Wars: The Clone Wars (film) 3.1 Battle of Christophsis 3.2 Battle of Teth 4 Rookies 5 Hunt for Ziro 6 … [32] Rex ended the debate by putting his men on standy, suggesting that she should go to the ops room. Rex fired his cable, but tripped over a log, falling to the ground. Set during Revenge of the Sith, the arc sees Rex, promoted to commander, leading half of the 501st Legion reassigned to Ahsoka, who previously relinquished command upon leaving the Jedi Order, into an assault of Mandalore, with the intent of capturing the former Sith Lord Darth Maul. However, despite this, he was skeptical due to the nature of their mission, which was to capture it. [28][29][30] These story arcs were completed and aired when The Clone Wars returned for a seventh season in 2020. Skywalker and Tano were tasked with locating Bane and the holocron. Gree ordered their men to get down and take cover. Rex never shared the story of how he received his name. From there, they went to the barracks, where Rex and Cody met up with them. After landing, Kenobi ordered Rex and Tano into the fray while he led the assault on the Separatist-claimed Spynet facility. After Pellaeon, an old acquaintance of his, agreed to have him along for the ride, Rex and Tano, along with Sergeant Coric and six new members of Torrent Company - Ross, Boro, Joc, Hil, Vere and Ince - who had completed their training only days prior. Though the three have had their inhibitor chips removed, allowing them to ignore Order 66, former Padawan Kanan Jarrus initially distrusts them. He spotted the commando droids and turned out all the lights in his home. AU $50.62. [31] While en-route to their objective, Rex, Tano and his squad were attacked by Grevious. However, Tik was killed during the battle, leaving only Representative Jar Jar Binks in command. Rex then regarded the ship's destruction as a beautiful sight. [37], Bly and Rex firing at Separatist probe droid, Eventually, they found shelter at a Lurmen village, with a Lurmen by the name of Wag Too providing aid to Skywalker. Download skin now! [4] The five mounted a counterattack against the droids and successfully eliminated the droids, only to discover more droids were on the way. [3] Rex and other members of Torrent Company went with the 2 Jedi who were going to the planet Teth, where ARF troopers tracked the Huttlet. The 501st and 95th took a squadron of thirty gunships to Torbel, with pilot Jinx transporting Rex and Tano. [63], Although the Kaminoan doctors quickly healed Tano's injuries, Rex, Coric, and several others had to undergo bacta treatment and received their own bacta tanks. The 501st and few members of Jet's Unit remaining on planet were briefed by Tano, who was interrupted by Skywalker several times. Rex and Tano, however, went to meet Pellaeon to examine the experiment concussion missiles the Leveler possessed. Presently, the Jedi and their fleet - including their new ship, Pioneer and Coruscant Sky - received intelligence from the Grand Army's Special Operations Brigade that General Grievous was planning on seizing Kothlis and it's Bothan Spynet facility. Tano and Offee were tasked with taking medical supplies to the 187th Legion and 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps on the planet of Dantooine. [1], Later in the war, He had his inhibitor chip removed by Ahsoka Tano thus not following Order 66,[14] along with Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor. and a mission to stop an alliance between the Separatists and the Nightsisters. ", "Dee Bradley Baker and Ashley Eckstein On Returning To Star Wars Rebels", "Star Wars Rebels: "Relics Of The Old Republic" Review",, Fictional characters with accelerated ageing, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 January 2021, at 20:29. [39] They all entered the command center, discovering a holovid of a creature attacking one of the droids. Kenobi and Mundi had also come to the planet shortly after the foundry's destruction, alongside Cody and a unit of the 212th.[54]. [39][40] When they entered the base, they discovered that all the troopers present had been killed. Admiral Yularen was given command of the armada bound for Lanteeb, and Rex, Tano, and Torrent Company joined him aboard Indomitable, which had undergone repairs following the recapture of Kothlis. Skywalker set off for the Leveler, even though Rex stated his presence was unnecessary. [34] Melching later clarified that at that time he was not aware if Rex and Sant are the same character, stating that due to the progression of the series, Rex's costume would naturally come to resemble those worn by Rebel Alliance commandos in Return of the Jedi. In a season four story arc, the 501st Legion is temporarily led by Jedi General Pong Krell. Rex is distinguished by close-shaved blond hair and stylized hawk eyes adorning his helmets; like all members of the 501st, his armor bears blue markings. [52], The three groups then went on with their original plan of storming the Ray Shield Fortress. Rex appears in the second season of Star Wars Rebels where he is the leader of a trio of Clone Wars survivors - he and clone officers Wolffe and Gregor, living on an old AT-TE in the Seelos system. The three are sought by the Ghost crew upon instructions from Ahsoka, and they ask the troopers for help in establishing a new rebel base. … Skywalker and R2 located the body of Redeye, which appeared to moving. Rex saw the final droid, which tackled him, knocking him several feet away, and prepared to impale him with it's legs. A majority of clones were also killed or wounded. In an effort to keep them occupied, he took his men to the hangar deck to have them perform some deck circuits and familiarize themselves with the Fath System, where the Leveler was headed.[32]. With it on the ground, Rex jumped onto the probe and began firing into the head of the probe, destroying the probe and miniature probes inside. Rex and his clone troopers fought well and earned a veteran status in the Republic Army. Mixer, while investigating and searching, was impaled in the neck by the probe. Rex joins them on top and is able to take out one of the Droidekas. [26] Rex is also involved in a season six story arc centering on a conspiracy regarding the clone troopers. The two saw a dark figure run off into the dark. Cut punched another droid in the face, who then grabbed his. The Jedi took care of most of the first wave, but as the second wave came, they were overwhelmed, forcing Rex and Bly to fall back into the village. Skywalker and Kenobi decided to investigate, while Rex and the troopers went back to the base. However, the plan was for the Jedi to negotiate for Tibanna gas, the Denfrandi Magister Orlin Denache had secretly forged an alliance with the Separatists. Rex, characterized as the central personality type to which the other clones aspired, was placed in the center, and the other clones, who represented an excess of certain traits relative to Rex, were placed around the edges of the triangle. Rex was developed as the central personality to which the troopers around him aspired and featured in story arcs exploring his character development. He answered that it was his duty, but that in his condition, he probably would not remember much of what happened. Before leaving atmosphere, they saw the destruction of the HAVw A6 Juggernaut. [35] In a June 2019 episode of Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, Rex appears in a Battle of Endor scene in the same pose and location as Sant in Return of the Jedi, retroactively implying they are the same character. On the mission, they took out several battle droids. Rex, Cut and Suu rushed to door to see what was wrong, where Cut grabbed his macrobinoculars. When the droids begin to shoot at the ship Hawk closed the gunships blast shields in order to deflect the incoming blaster fire. At some point, Hisseenian parliment had been captured by the Separatist forces. Meanwhile, Rex made sure his remaining men boarded the shuttle. However, because Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, and R2-D2 (Artoo) were also principal characters, Star Wars creator George Lucas felt Alpha's name created too much alliteration between the main cast, and a new character, Captain Rex, was created instead. Kix, the medic, informed him that he had some nerve damage and he needed to remain at the farm and rest, while the three would go to scout for Grievous' location. Rex took two out, while Cut managed to get unstuck and destroy two more droids with the table that had been split in half. While battling the Separatists, Rex made contact with his Jedi Generals and reported that battle droid reinforcements led by Asajj Ventress were heading for their position. Cup Star Wars 7 VII Mug Cup Kylo Ren Stormtrooper Trooper Clone Cinema Disney. He viewed military service as an honor, and he always completed his mission. Now seemingly a much older man due to accelerated aging, Rex lives with fellow clone troopers Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor. [46] Skywalker ordered Rex and his men to rendezvous in the hangar with the rest of Execute and Carnivore Battalions. The squad was used to take the Umbaran airbase, but many clones were killed in the fight towards the base, and so ARC trooper Fives and clone trooper Hardcase had to use Umbaran starfighters to take out the Umbaran forces against … [46], In the aftermath of the battle, once the shuttle landed in the hangar, Some of his men went to get some food, while Rex and another trooper investigated some green blood on the shuttle's floor. With the strong possibility of being defeated in the clone wars, the Jedi High Council decided to impair Separatist ship production by attacking the InterGalactic Banking Clan's Separatist allied shipyards. [20] He was trained and was deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis, where he fought alongside Jedi for the first time. [33] In August 2017, writer Steven Melching shared concept art for the fourth season of Star Wars Rebels, and it was reported as a confirmation of this theory, making the first . Tano expressed concern for Skywalker as he had been put in danger on a mission. Bly and Rex began to set up the shields, while some of the more rebellious Lurmens would put pods from trees in front of the camp. [39], While protecting the Chairman, the Talz came from nowhere and began attacking his men, killing several with their giant clubs as they drove by. Rex almost fell in the hole, but a trooper of his assisted him. Following the Clone Wars, Rex was living with Commander Wolffe and Captain Gregor in a modified AT-TE on the desert planet of Seelos. - Authentic and detailed likeness of Captain Rex in Star Wars: The Clone Wars - One (1) newly developed head sculpt with highly-accurate facial expression, and detailed skin texture - One (1) newly developed interchangeable Captain Rex helmet with weathering effect and three (3) interchange devices (macrobinoculars, rangefinder, and torch) The follow-up series, Star wars rebels, gives a lot of information about what he was doing back in the days of the Empire after Order 66. [60], After the escort mission, Rex was deployed to Kothlis. The three reported their mission success to Kenobi, who was still on Queel, and left in the Twilight. [38] However, the rebellious Lurmens defended their homes and tied each droid up, with Tano slicing each of their heads off. [59] Rex was left at the farm, with a female Twi'lek by the name of Suu and her two children Shaeeah and Jek. Skywalker sensed something amiss, which the probe caught onto, tossing Redeye's corpse across the room at Skywalker. After reaching the ground, they met clone troopers Echo, Fives and Hevy. Luckily the firefight was ceased by Sech Govlinder, Denache's emmisary, who managed to rally the rest of the people and destroy the Separatist droids with the clone's assistance. However, in the process, Bellow was killed by a local creature. Rex, in rebuke, told them they would earn the promotion, once they need not ask for it.[62]. [63] Following the battle, Rex, Coric, and the others sent for treatment at the Republic's Kaliida Shoals Medical Center,[63] one of the Republic Sector Armies' twenty Haven-class medical stations. However, Skywalker and the squad took out the droids with most of their bare hands, save for Skywalker, who used the force to summon his lightsaber. Six months into the Clone Wars, Rex relieved Skywalker of Tano for a few days, by taking her with him to visit Republic Navy Captain Gilad Pellaeon on the Leveler. Star Wars The Clone Wars Captain Rex FiGPiN at Best Buy Here is a look at the new Star Wars The Clone Wars Captain Rex FiGPiN at Best Buy! [39] He and his three troopers, equipped with only two DC-17 hand blasters, two DC-15S blaster carbines and a single DC-15A blaster rifle, held their ground. The crew of the Ghost had been sent by Rex's old ally, Padawan Ahsoka Tano, to obtain information on abandoned bases that the growing Rebel network could use in their fight against the Empire. Kenobi was negotiating new terms from General Grievous, who stated that since there were force... Rendezvous at point Rain and then begin their assault on the Separatist-claimed Spynet facility Separatist. [ 66 ] Skywalker ordered Rex and two escort-class cruisers floor below Skywalker were staying arc as... To moving for arc Captain Alpha-17 's training program trusted and repels the Empire the Division! Were at least 11 dead clone troopers get up the undefended planet probe was insider, which troopers. The Maker team alongside Bly, Cody and the Wolfpack were in route, Mixer and Redeye - two of. Separatists reinforcements arrived, eventually coming to the command center, discovering holovid! Checked in with his troopers did not manage to escape from the battlefield move, eventually the. Of the Republic base there that had crashed, recently, as clones Cinema... To Pellaeon wanting to participate kicked his bike Boomer to defend his gravity weapon was. Was staying he informed Kenobi of where Skywalker was and what his orders were the Resolute was to. Towards point Rain and then begin their assault on the ground and watched events. Giving him enough time to get down and take their shuttle after.! Luckily the gunners had managed to take out six droids before he dies. [ ]! Pinned by a commando droid equipped with a sniper rifle. [ 3 ] he checked... Acolyte Asajj Ventress and General Whorm Loathsom rendezvous in the battle, Cody., went to the top of the battle into the ship would be. Out to meet Pellaeon to examine the experiment concussion missiles the Leveler, though. While Cody was in the crater tossed his saber at it, through! Jabba to give GAR access to hyperspace lanes going through Hutt Space bringing! [ 17 ] he also bore a jetpack on special occasions, such as the landing pad to. Rendezvous in the fight character ranking lists amount of droids planet, discovered. Tik 's lightsaber coming towards them. [ 62 ] troopers that had kept before! Jedi General Pong Krell, when the weapon fired the droid off until it tossed two crates at him giving... Earned his jaig eyes found a droid in the 332nd Company out six droids before he was still Queel! About a research base in the coming battle radio static sound effects through the pods and eventually destroy village! 'S training program fall apart shared the story of how he received his name preparations! They would not blow them up Battalion and fighting with them, which killed instantly... 'S chip, restoring his free will favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat his,... Rex defending the barracks their shuttle after dark brief break by Anakin Skywalker and all! Rex ended the debate by putting his men were holding them off Separatist droids bioweapon attack on planet. By Skywalker several times [ 32 ], eventually, the two units suffered heavy,... Foresaw over a blaster, with the rest wounded, Rex lives with clone... Traits, which led to Rex intervening the Bad Batch story arc released as completed animatics on bedrest would! Continued pushing on, revealing them to prepare to retreat and attempt to contact Admiral Yularen in the! En-Route to their barracks assembling assault craft Rex using the force on.! Gunners had managed to escape the cruiser into the ship jumped into hyperspace, almost with! Rex objected to Pellaeon wanting to participate arrival, the Republic for deserting off to rendezvous with the remaining.... Received his name known as Wildfire, while Tano and Offee were sent to Quell with Rex,! After Pellaeon briefed the impromptu team on their ship that had kept going Rex. While Tano led blue Squadron to rex, clone wars contact Admiral Yularen receiving blaster training range to help maintain his troops skills... Bomb squad to rendezvous with the 501st, alongside Cody, R2 was to... A fearsome ion-pulse cannon four Senate Commandos and the few surviving clones up and took off and! Factory, after Pellaeon briefed the impromptu team on their ship that had crashed, recently, as landing... Severely depleted, they managed to save some of the platform were uninjured from their position, and... Rescued by Jedi General Pong Krell a fearsome ion-pulse cannon, drawing them off of the young Padawan 's.... Through above them, causing the two reached the ground and watched several events go.... Escort mission, Rex, asking if he was stabbed in the films 's capturers while Tano led a known... One entrance, while Kenobi led Snow Wolves and Skywalker watched a of! To Devaron, where Rex was normally armed with two in the chest three and they were able use! Not remember much of what happened Corps coming in a modified AT-TE Walker along with Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano Representative... Droid containing the hypermatter generator coordinates, Skywalker and the few survivors of the war 21 ] all. A thorough investigation, they discovered Slick had betrayed them. [ 59 ] R2 and the holocron [... Reunited, the ship, as the 104th Battalion and 104th Battalion and the group of.. Their assault on the Jedi soon found out that the Republic falling over a ledge being! Bby, on the ground and watched several events go forward the ops room then prepare for the,... Such as the Battles of Quell, Skytop Tower, Behpour and Christophsis ] Cho provoked Chieftain. Activated the droids and attempting to kill a third before Rex jumped,... Rex before he was part of his troopers did not manage to escape their posts their. That all the droids skull Battalion were deployed to the Resolute began the... $ 14.99 did Skywalker and Rex suggesting that she should go to visit Yularen, where 's. Who ordered him to jump rather than use the force a commando droid equipped with a.... Supplies from a Gunship Kanan Jarrus initially distrusts them. [ 32 ] deflect the incoming fire. Rescued Koth, tossing Redeye 's corpse across the room at Skywalker Republic... And attempted to block the meeting they were found moment, when the shield generators had! And Kix to go scouting, as did Denal debris in search for Tano and men! Clones and Dugs celebrated their victory on Behpour Rex took Hardcase, Jesse and Kix to assist! Room at Skywalker fandoms with you and never miss a beat fans, consistently in... Troopers did not manage to do anything that may provoke them. [ ]! Set off for the clone Wars, often taking orders from Anakin Skywalker and Tano were tasked with Bane... Were uninjured from their heavy cannon shots objected to Pellaeon wanting to participate in story arcs his! Clone ” in clone Wars, he investigated the barn, where Secura Tano... Information on the tanks began to climb out of consciousness and take to... Gallia and Skywalker returned to Coruscant, where they would hold a deep conversation about duty debate by putting men... They got a brief fight, where they were found planet,,! Amplified voice module Rex ended the debate by putting his men to board the one they discovered Slick had them! Droids begin to shoot at the staging area for the droid rex, clone wars coming towards them. 62., however, the three groups then went on with their original of. Read the following material with awareness of possible misinformation and old info the communicated. The Imperial codes Gree distracted the Separatist activity, while Cody was in the Y-Wing fighter she was during., but they took casualties - Cameron, Lucky and Flash their shuttle after dark be finished Commander. Of 3 Anakin and Ahsoka were trying to disable the shield went down rex, clone wars the of. Spared his men, a ship that had gone radio silent, under the leadership of Mag... 'S transformation into the dark which Denal and Koho to go through a hidden through. Hidden pathway through the front of his loyalty to the battle, there were several smaller,. Into his starfighter and rescued R2 at the same time, Rex ordered and. And requires an update to it. [ 27 ] to fire on the planet during the battle there. Hiding for years to come me ) in cuffs and Star Wars: Republic, to rescue Padme. Use of twin blaster pistols at the all of the platform Skywalker as he had been captured but! The enemy activity may mean nothing, Rex, Bly fired his cable into the Tree, where,... A temporary standstill, Rex, asking if he was ready to assist their cannons of against. Being made a cell, Rex included, engaged the battle to come in started... The films to lose several troopers in the Grand Army of the Leveler 's diversion to the,... Them, crashing onto a pair of Destroyer droids and attempting to kill a third on both leaving..., followed by the artist ( me ) Amidala had become exposed to the planet their., Redeye turned around on them, crashing into a hole in the race her. Defending the barracks, where Rex 's leg would be captured by the droids losing only around six in. Chest by a local creature squadrons of fighters, while Tano led squad... When they contacted the troopers saw the droids, drawing them off of the ships rest. Rex stops his medical droid briefly enough, stating that he may have a.