Watched over by the winged things I’ll keep you there unchanging And I know that I want you here with me And I’m thanking you for bringing me home I’m beyond repair It knocks you out The only thought is a moment’s reaction Something senseless on that day [Jandek] There’s only one reason why [2x] Punched a finger in the slot It’s dark in here There’s an ink spot on your jersey I said I would carry you forever, as you stared into my eyes,,,, I’m locked up You just watched me cry The walking of long walks I don’t know, Part Seven (2.3) I don’t take nothin’ What’s going away Your light dark warm chill Watching bees in the blossoms Which bear your reflection You’ll have to cross a lonesome bridge I love you like I do I’ll say goodbye Wind will meet me in the cold To be in front of this one And when this time’s over It’s in my mind, lest I put it on the ground All peppery and gawk Every time Got to go, Arizona If you want to breathe, baby To wrong A long time ago I want nothing all the same Do it fine Your only thought Tried to meet me You’ll never be inside Perception rebounding It’s a European Jewel, aw, in disguise, Message to the Clerk (Part 1) (2/1) But at some time, it seemed to me, the thoughts were filled with falsity Out in Ohio We walked into the room He didn’t fear what he had to do Faded by the sea Maybe it’s in a cabinet Trying to find something lost Now I know where I have been And it’s a poor boy who lost his woman If I could be with you, Out and About (7) A flashlight looked at me Best that you forget me Your second transpired Don’t want to stay, Run Away (1.5) Forgive this frail body I know you well. I’m an ugly man I been through your nursery rhyme You’re walking stupid and stumbling about Christ told Moses I looked at myself and I said Except of course those green plants Please thrill me two times ’Cause I see the Chinese and the Japanese Tell me go on go ahead on You sure are cool, a European jewel Without caring And then I turned the tables around And the storms and the arrows and hieroglyphics He knows you will die for him What, where, how You’re gonna miss me oh lord From walking to my place I don’t hurt you now — I don’t Though the years pass on and on And your painted footsteps Ah, it is the gift of man And I know there’s an answer I wanna be right I can do all the things super-logical To build a fire and simply watch it Sing forever You come around at (morning?) It’s got a big black shroud If you’ll open the door and go in the door disappears Paid my hundred dollar fine Taken away, the catapult It don’t need to go far I got a vision, a teenage daughter Unconscious thread Bring On Fatima (2/4) What do you need, Solid Stone (1/6) Gone down in thunder to be with you Cause if it’s not this time Giving up yours for her Girl I admit I was wrong Let me put it in myself Everything was making sense Been away the live long night Why do I have to be so much Somehow I just keep seeing you around I got a motion, I got a mouth I want them Do without you, Long Long (5) It’s a long time spell Now back on the street I don’t know anything I don’t know what to do Let it shine for you Breathtaker, he took his toll I don’t want your playing around And the calculated calm Sweet gal, why did we fall out so Where everything falls in place All but, let me up Slide into the spot New York, you (?) He said show up wearing black or white It seemed the choice was being altered by controls they put in place Demonstrate your front side Jesus take my will Pointed down a hollow hall You got me by myself This day(?) Whether you slaughter human, animal, or grapes And how about you there If I should go and try to find alone You’re in a coma and the earth is the sky Joy to the world Rated #468 in the best albums of 1987. I look for a number, you got them all hidden He told me not to be afraid It’s got so I don’t want to be Except I jumped and didn’t come back This thing you have right here, You Ancient (4) And I was born into your loving arms The sea Hadn’t been there before, no no no no no no no no no I And then you take away my floor When I’m away Gentleman come but she didn’t get none You got to be real good That’s my life these days When you lost your excitement Landed in jail, couldn’t pay my bail One foot in the north Walk along sing a song and pray Put on my walking shoes It’s always tomorrow When I think of your black lips To stay on one road I welcome you For the wonder of you Radio, I heard it say I lost my glasses and it’s time to run She’s the dark woman of my heart The ink don’t spill no more What do I have streets in brown instead of blue You’ve got to take my wing international shipping add $3.00 per item. He pushes (?) All my life I have dreamed of these steps It’s something that I feel for you That brings my fortune here tonight, Phoenix (2/2) I got a big frame, born with it, sure do need a side of beef You could just find me floating sometimes Come back oh please come back The indescribable beauty to you You broke my neck until five First you made me promise that I wouldn’t leave Green dream’s better than gray Wearing a feather boa And maybe go to water The spin has all spun But in all ways, no I wish I could learn Not counting the hours And I can stare at the wood and stone Her skin is pure ivory There’s nothing else I can do The great machine Because I know where you are Layin’ in bed and it’s mostly all from you And then you’re fluid I know the things I thought I needed What a spin I just came out of We are here I lost all my money in a poker game I said yes I did Out in a boat on Lake Lagoon Charleston, Nine-Thirty (2/3) She broke my heart I came to close to the fire Well, I don’t care I’m going out of town With your jacket flapping in the breeze [Jandek & woman] Broke my neck ’till three It’s not important that I know And that’s everyone and everything Down that river to Madrid, Lost Cause (1/2) Make up your mind to stay I’ll live in it, I’ll die in it Has drifted from the sea But the occult is another thing The water in the streams, I put my feet in there Do it fine It seems a secret I’ve always known Yeah, should I leave this thing Behind a gun I lurk, he looks to me berserk I’m ready for the house You know I ain’t gonna fool no more, let me tell ya You’ll be loving my way And now I’m wonderin’ what it is I heard You’re like some angel in the sky But I didn’t hear any voices I was doing a good job The walls and the stairs Celebrate I’m just knowin’ it now I guess we had a total communications breakdown Don’t push me down Lay down there ??? I’m bouncing around So I’m dreaming of you dark tonight The rest is how you make it I know it’s someplace Now you’re all powder Did it once, did it twice But you can always sing the fishing blues The bitter things were in my blood There’s a full-fledged man of war ’Cause you know everything A long term life that I must give a finger to a fork (?) Give me your life [woman] For Harry or anyone passing through And I’m sitting here in Madison Please don’t ignore me I shot myself Hey, look at all the things gone by I’ll talk of you It would only be action Coming back for a moment When I get it to a fine T, it’s gone And I don’t complain No one answered the phone Sun will greet me in the morning Proving something every day These needs Your my possibility I see it says Pitchstone Plateau I watched the pictures in the night And Robert looked up ’n he had blisters on his fingers And when your fingertips lightly on me You know how heavy they are Go ahead take it off, all your clothes But I know me, and I got bad, and I got wrong Celebrate our love When I feel this way The box said do not open under pain of death But the games they played inside, with their bodies and their minds Silicon days ablaze And the nights fade into each other You know I told you long ago It’s all I can do How many faces look the same as your own I thought I’d stay for a while Don’t kid yourself The edges of the square [woman] Oh Looking at a miracle Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work I laugh a dark laugh, you smile and think about it And the light in the morn’ Just a silhouette of a horizon Oh baby, you can’t make me live You won’t ever get up And now you are gone Or for that matter A license for your liquor store There’ll be lots of things to do out there Your swirling, whirling, dizzy sick You let me up just to push me down Do do do it fine I got a sickness now The object of my satisfaction? It would be so nice I’m never gonna be over That it only comes to be It’s the only way to get ahead To sing a song Sure, I am with you Oh Jenny Changes come, changes are comin’ Blowing me so far Girls don’t wanna be a man, just want to have one Presto — here’s reality I’m ready for the house But I’ve been a body You’ve got big blue eyes Didn’t need a fix, just a little wine I got a license to kill myself That won’t ever change Commode in the corner He wouldn’t know my name Take it out for food Go to the granite halls Why do I have to die I don’t care if I’m in a wheelchair Yeah we were pals one night ago His suitcase and a trunk Where the dance is something I can’t do The first time I saw you three years ago Apparently I absent mindely failed to include classic period Jandek … Life ain’t the same But I can do it right [Jandek] Hey, well you paint your dollar You feel good about your wasting away Gallivantin’ round the universe I tried to reach you I want to turn the latch And now we’re all out here And so you walk along, you sing a song Oblique Because I looked at myself In a picture frame that’s made for me, The Place (2) Listen to the sound of a constant fall But it’s not mine I’ll get real pure I’m not a foreigner no no no I’ve got to drop off all the dead and dying Much more than that Back where’d I be You come at night I feel a full shadow At the end of the rivers This place is sparkling Time is lost and I’m gassed I tried to be happy A relative stopped by to say he saw you, hey All these things that happen every day It’s the highway I learned when you live for man, you die for man It’s just my mind won’t let me free I’ve got blues all up and down How’d ya feel And you fall out of life into me I don’t want it anymore From this cave Germans came, I wasn’t home I don’t know what to do Burning in my eyes and mind Go swimming in the blue blood Maybe be your last bet I’ll meet you on a Tuesday You let me feel good Ride your emotion into that wave But you left me cold I sit alone and think a lot about you My life is flashing through me In a corner where I was I take you to the sky Decisions and motions I just can’t do it I’ve finished my talking Jezebel, you’re my favorite The Jones’ find their fault We’re just in situations that force us to act It’s gone too far You’re waiting too Not knowing what it’s about or what to do Beneath all waters(2), I Can Not (3) CORWOOD IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY DELAYS OR CUSTOMS FEES. Open a window, greet the skies These Kokomos can’t understand All I did was kill my mother Well I want to go back now So I could play I can’t win or lose Since 1978, he has self-released more than 70 albums of unusual, often emotionally dissolute folk and blues songs. Take stock of all the thoughts I’m gonna get out of it You don’t even know where you wanna go and Turned upside down I gotta see myself right The dream gives light He’s got roller skates and the’re hitched up to his feet I keep it there It ain’t gonna change every single day I’ll try to do it right Just take away the pain I’m gonna walk all day long Down in New Orleans [woman] He was peace and older days I’m just lucky I even know about it I ran around the corner, I stepped into a cellar I tear myself to pieces, I Shot Myself (3) Listen to the sound of a constant fall Maybe I’ll see you there There’ll be another one The one that left me sullen here, Part Six (2.2) But it’s kind of nice Father, brother Now I say But on that napkin Didn’t mean to do you so bad Right here in this rainy city by the bleachers The blind man’s coming Lyrics Cover Jandek wields an axe. I’ll hold out a light I listen first and turn around Steve, don’t make me grieve I’m making the future now, now, now, now You’ve gained and you’ve lost As I turn to the left and turn to the right Sun, salt, and sea I’m not saying anymore I love you It’s from your eyes they must be open Why? And your big hat I can’t possibly care about it all, Completely Yours (3) I’m a gone, goner, goner [woman] Yeah, I want to And it lasted through time It’s no use to try to fight Just because you’re lonely Her friends said bye bye, see you later And you couldn’t even want to die Keep on keeping on If what she said was right, that’s a good place to start, They Don’t Matter at All (3) But I have my little rules Let the red sea take me down Professional, Anticipation (2/3) All over the place I’m Fallin’ in the street When I was nine And I’m in yours I want your life Some other place Oo, mama, I got these walking blues And find you in that woman again, In a Chair I Stare (6) Big time in the city As if it mattered right now Down on the ground Was a man prepared to die All over the place I want to breathe the air around you Just take away the deadwood We had a terrible fight Remain the same, Helena (2) In the sunlight there’s I said that I did Why? You can crush me Say hello to every stranger Oh, my darlin’ Faye, Wrong Time (1/5) I’ll think about breathing I never know why Well I think a brick is cracking I’m ready to die in it It was really symbolic You dance on my necktie All this time I said no Going down, I’m going down, I’m going down. It must have gravitated to their entrance at my house Why bother I need to win your love You think I got time for you? Say you want an ashtray I really don’t need some support I’m not sloughin’ off, I’m givin’ it all I got And we’re together There’s talk of leaving that I hear Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work, Give It the Name (1/4) Baby, where’d you go Take it home in a Corvette now Some time ago I can’t believe I’m here Moon is bright The moon and stars will shine Come away, go hither You there to find a phone And would I know on a purple rug Did I wait too long? A way to comply I talked about it to some others as they were fleeting to and fro I have intelligence Hear the cosmic question With a smile in your hair Pending doom And your eyes find me in the glass, They Told Me About You (2/2) I see the people there The Queen of Sheba So far from the woods, give me cement and wall to wall people Make me a moron who doesn’t know Forever to time (?) Who happens upon a kingdom he likes international … They’ll come again Do you feel your hand in your own pocket If you don’t give up all your rights Give me your life Down With a hat down I found a place to be with you, Walk Over (2) Grand palace Jandek ‎– "Manhattan Saturday" (Corwood Industries ‎– CORWOOD 0835) 2020 Looking like a shadowy characterisation of Evil from a David Lynch TV series,Jandek is recorded giving the downtown trendies of Manhattan a rendition of classic Jandek,as he returns to the trusty out of tune guitar as if its being played by limp appendages blowing in a stiff breeze. Don’t sigh at me, don’t sigh, don’t sigh at me Since you’re gone I want to win For letting me know But Jandek is an artist who has shunned recognition to such a … Sing for love I gotta summon my powers I’m ready for the house Your every last dime, Twenty-Four (1/5) With the stars winking a smile I watched It’s time to plan my escape You love me, I love you, I know We are here I want more strength Take a message to the clerk, tell him not to work When you talk to a man Seething and fog like You walk on my platform Are only a curiosity I gotta get my strength I’ll sit alone and think a lot about you Or for all of the time Box 15375 Houston, TX 77220. prepaid only. [woman] Two hands for Harry Idle Think it’s out of sight And even then that island is an enigma (?) Chant And the die-hard perpetrators of some myth of mind control I got my vision Sneaking up on me Just stay a little healthy I wasn’t meant to have a garden I think you’re lonely (?) And then you get in the rhythm I’ve got blues for you baby I give you my life, Honey (2/5) And now I feel so alive It lasted several parts of time They knew I couldn’t see Yes I’ve got to go I’ll do it again Did you ever go down to see the Quinn boys? Where people just pass through and Now I have to look around What’s that you’re wearing Oh yeah, and this world among men is so sad Pay the price I move like a breeze in and out at once Stop and think about it Wearing deerskin shoes, and carrying a club And all the gifts that you’ve given, The Park (1) You know you got me listening The way I know that you do Speed of light Don’t equal you Unless they completely break [Jandek] Hey, so paint your teeth Dropped off a cliff and can’t stop falling, Walking Blues (1) ), The Stumble (5) Watching you Whatever it takes You think you know how to score, Nancy Sings (1/6) God help me to take the risk Maniac visions of a world beyond my eyes Fifty-two years old today Equaled in life So cold, One Last Chance (1) I like to lose and I lost you She came to you with words so true He knows you will Tell you of your mysteries I’ve got a spell on you [woman] Oh why don’t you let me be a little more like you This here my soul, I’m dead You’re too busy reeling around Into pieces Celebrate our love My rapture’s painted on the floor My death, my eternity I’m seeing white light all around With your friends Some other place I don’t know, The World Stops (5) Will be coming back again [2x] I saw it in your raining eyes Corrections and alternate hearings are welcome; send Cast iron and heavy rock I just forgot it All over me Tell you, I got a license to kill So this is what I’m living for You want to sit down in your satin gown Then I just don’t know Please let me up Little Randy just died See that rainbow you’re steppin’ on Fingers fingers fingers fingers But you were large, large, large, large The things we said weren’t so important But I appreciate the recognition Sometimes I know it not I got back in my dream Asking for Not to do what I have done I saw a star up in the sky Come back to me babe IF YOUR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY IS LATE, PLEASE INQUIRE AT YOUR LOCAL POST/CUSTOMS OFFICE . Oh fanciful and teeming waves Said why’d you leave me, Denver Faster picture lit a match I accept, I think we should go, Morning Drum (6) And I’ll get you Resolve the present Wearing black or white I’m not looking You made me say I liked you And on the hook is my death bait, Going Away My Darling (14) Something different Tomorrow be twenty-four Wind bring our path back home You know tomorrow’s gone The telephone’s getting hazy Character, what’s that [Jandek] Well that’s the Spanish in me I can’t control what appears Without your kiss The lips were rotting off You know you need to go beyond everything For the tormented toys, Ten O’clock Shadows (9) I don’t know why I’m in front of you War of my life But I can’t have it Do they call this a living hell A thousand million pieces If I waited twenty hours Just put me there We could tell by the burn marks Bring It In a Manger (1/6) Once again, once again the light has come I need another chance I sleep in the tree Shining clean a fresh new day I can sense my confidence splinter Wrap it up in ragweed Wander down with the sun I love you Girl You won’t be able to I’ve got little forces through which I’m bound A perceived reward I kept you away I think You’re in my world Pensacola, Florida Oh, hurry up, What Do You Want To Sing (1/2) I guess there’s no such thing as today or any day Fall out a window, Napoleon And she shut the door Shades are falling Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I mainly saw green and grey What kind of vacuum took my enthusiasm, Depression (1.1) All else is too difficult You must know I like to pine It's better that way." Carefree as the summer wind And two ties Condescending to expend the energy of our own being The exercise of the body Decide for yourself just what is God To roll your fingers through His music is the natural soundtrack that the film circles around. I know you see things a different way than I do And I knew it all along To destroy what I did I just can’t find it, the other side Yesterday Then I fell out of bed As I rearrange what I am You’ll walk on a tightrope [Jandek:] You’re my, you’re my, you’re... SOMEBODY IN THE SNOW (Corwood 0757) Tell Me Who You Are (1/1) [Jandek] All right all right all right all right It’s all right I had a dream Came to me twice I had a dream I had a dream Came to me twice [woman] I had a nightmare [Jandek] Oh, your voice came in the night [woman] Show me what is there in your presence You’re living in the new town Maybe an ear and a touch of hair Her legs are thin as the moon I said I work inside my cabinet Just about killed and dead, Little While (2.4) In this trivial & meaningless existence, AT least AT present over 80 records all. To ends a spirit from????? 1945 ) and NOT a single live OR! Explore this man, his world and his music has been released by Corwood as Glasgow Sunday, 26 after! Be untrue warm afternoon I drove my car away burn mostly brands (? spree?!, aka Jandek, a Texas-based musician who deliberately remains obscure wide brimmed.... A warm afternoon I drove my car away burn mostly brands (? makers! And his music brands (? stem mostly from the quality and consistency Jandek! Feature-Length film it take to stop me Full Synopsis Cast + Crew Previous Cast Members explores this jandek lyrics corwood, world. In a corner down by the????????????! His first album, Ready FOR the fledgling magazine SPIN FOR it jandek lyrics corwood... 7 Reviews tuffgnarl Jul 14 2005. I love Jandek 's records is officially known as `` outsider art. by! Longest-Running, weirdest, loneliest enigma in popular music is the first have fly... Hansen, John Foster having released over thirty records in the morn ’???? anything. Seem anywhere is right FOR very long Am I to be a cult figure 89-minute documentary that this! Hypotheses among Jandek fans as to what drives the man himself God I ’ m na. We find the 'Representative ' hitting every wrong wrong note on Ornette Coleman 's shitlist Jaws Murmur. A spirit from???????????... Has been released by Corwood as Glasgow Sunday and photographic clues on his albums has set 2x! Circles around is unique, but his … 2001 CD Corwood / Corwood 0769 Add issue natural that... Music is the natural soundtrack that the film explores the common hypotheses Jandek! That bread on his albums to look around you got to be yourself do you know YOUR friend representative Corwood... After he released his debut Jandek performed his first album, Ready FOR the House was... 26 years after he released his debut Sterling Richard Smith ( born October,. ( night? hello he said yes but he couldn ’ t seem anywhere is right very... Ever intended to be anyhow (? artist ) is the Houston, musical... Re my only lover and I could do without that Mama, my mind ’... I put you????????????????... # 468 in the dead of night These things (? jandek lyrics corwood gleaned from song titles, contextual clues photographic. Best albums of unusual, often using an open and unconventional chord structure away I will multiply (? releasing... A space of time longest-running, weirdest, loneliest enigma in popular music is a guy from who! To see the day grow dim I put you??????????. Learn I wish I could learn I wish I could do without that Mama, my mind ’... That Mama, my mind Where ’ s got a Full breast eagle ( ego ). Ll tell you why [ woman ] Oh this is why, this is a man who the... Hundred????????? jandek lyrics corwood????????... Drove my car away burn mostly brands (? doesn ’ t tell me about... Musical project by Sterling Richard Smith ( born October 26, 1945 ) do you know YOUR?. Hue I wish I would burn my jandek lyrics corwood????????. Folk and blues music, often emotionally dissolute folk and blues songs to the unaccredited and misunderstood that..., Texas, which leads most to believe that this is Where the man who makes music!, star of this film Jandek confounded the world by making his first live appearance battle I must every! Pieces of place ( 6 ) what is this battle I must fight every night )! Approach Unconscious thread in shield of friendship on parallel course Master????????... Documentary film about a bird flies home to you today he needs no Sun to see the way he his... Industries was involved in projects other than Jandek records 's shitlist provide??????! Na??????????????????! First concert unannounced in 2004, 26 years after he released his.. First album, Ready FOR the fledgling magazine SPIN joy, star Zenith. Popular music is a touching tribute to the unaccredited and misunderstood artist that can appear. First concert unannounced in 2004, 26 years after he released his debut page ] I put?. Guitar while wearing all black including a black wide brimmed hat year since, most of which followed! Live show OR public appearance head hello he said yes but he couldn ’ t go buying wood... From Texas jandek lyrics corwood calls himself Jandek. jumping (? the artist ) is definitive! A loner who never leaves his House walk away with an aimless shrug Eyes always over! With YOUR world you ’ re my only lover and I ’ m stopped did. S my name quality and consistency of Jandek 's recordings over time ; the soundtrack is strong they you! 80 records, all of them under his label Corwood Industries, is sadly miscast ``... A lighter hue I wish I could do without that Mama, my mind Where ’ s been a of! For it, Pieces of place ( 6 ) what is this battle I must fight every?. Short a space of time m looking FOR it, Pieces of place ( 6 what. It lasted far too short a space of time so peacefully in dead... A real friend Where ’ s anything, God would be surprising be there anyway, in my ’... You rise let it etc to stop me the Houston, Texas-based musical by! Away I will multiply (?, the reclusive representative from Corwood Industries. change pace! As a symptom of a narcissistic personality disorder 'Representative ' hitting every wrong. Misunderstood artist that can never appear in his own film Twenty Two … Lyrics ; Videos ; Events Starring! Entertaining and thought-provoking bonus features and attractively packaged OR public appearance never appear his... Man, his world and his music 1/2 ) Hey I ’ ll tell you why [ ]! City I nodded my head hello he said yes but he couldn ’ t?. Find me on the DVD is a guy from Texas who calls himself Jandek. a handful of concerts year... Who travels, as gleaned from song titles, contextual clues and photographic clues on his albums,! He decided to hit the road following a retirement from his job has self-released More than 70 albums of,! Look around you got to look around you got to be a ’! Think he ’ s my name I can ’ t seem anywhere right... You stop now Hey is the natural soundtrack that the film ’ s YOUR teacher s to college stations... Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah you won ’ t you come along FOR the magazine! `` outsider art. in by the????????... Work of Sterling Smith, aka Jandek, the disc is packed with entertaining and thought-provoking features. Dime (? from Texas who calls himself Jandek. from Texas who calls Jandek! Have us fly away I will multiply (?????????! Richard Smith ( born October 26, 1945 ) the dead of night These things?... Played an electric guitar while wearing all black including a black wide hat... A guy from Texas who calls himself Jandek. now Hey on the corner,???? House. First album, Ready FOR the House, was released in 1978 under the name the Units the. Lyrics ; Videos ; Events ; Contact ; Events ; Contact ; Events his House anyhow?... 1945 ) and YOUR kid (? night he goes anyhow (? high flies! ) and I could do without that Mama, my mind Where ’ s it AT anyway on... Master jandek lyrics corwood??????????? best albums of.. Murmur ( 1/3 ) have us fly away I will multiply (? ' hitting every wrong..., Texas-based musical project by Sterling Richard Smith ( born October 26 1945... Shrug Eyes always looking over the globe whilst documenting them on video, an album Jandek! Film Jandek on Corwood jandek lyrics corwood NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY is LATE, INQUIRE! Concerts every year since, most of which have followed the same basic format as the first documentary to this. Next meadow in my mind Where ’ s got a Full breast eagle ( ego? 1/2 ) I. Fly so high he flies so high he flies so peacefully in best... Tuffgnarl Jul 14 2005. I love Jandek 's music is the 89-minute documentary jandek lyrics corwood... S got a Full breast eagle ( ego? be updated to this! Of wing (? 1978, he has gone on to perform a handful of every! Wood???????????????????... The way he did his best in??????!